Fried or Tawa Ice Cream Machine

Sunrise is one of the first manufacturers of Fried or Tawa Ice Cream Machine in India.

Our development team has come out with a devised model very much suitable for Local Market of India. We do have models that are suitable for any harsh environment conditions, one can offer.

As the popularity of Pan Fried Ice Cream is increasing, we have ensured longevity and quality of our machines so that it can compete in the long run. The best quality Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine available at this price.

Here's why our Pan Fried Ice Cream Machines are best:

  • Efficient Design As Pan Fried Ice Cream Machines are mostly used in Food Courts, we did kept that in mind and designed our machines accordingly. Our machines are not gigantic so doesn't take a lot of place, yet they are powerful enough and uses space efficiently.
  • Durable Our Stainless Steel Pan, top grade materials with just the right thickness of plate ensures fast refrigeration as well as prone to any mashing or smaching needs.
  • Simple Our simple yet powerful Pan Fried Ice Cream machines are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain.
  • Low Noise Our machines operates in low noise and can run 24 hours a day without any difference.
  • Uniform Cooling: Uniform cooling on the pan, ensures consistency in the ice cream.
  • Field tested All the designs of our machines has gone through field test to verify performance and quality.
  • Made In India All of our Pan Fried Ice Cream machines are made in India from raw materials to manufacturing. Which makes our machines top quality, suitable for local market and available at best price.

Our Pan Fried Ice Cream machines ergonomically designed and highly capable of doing its job. It doesn't compromise in Quality, Power, Efficiency and Ease of use. For any inquiries, any modifications/customizations to do just contact with us. We are readily available.


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  • Uniform cooling on the entire pan - This leads of consistency of the ice cream.
  • Temperature controller - makes the machines suitable for all weather conditions. Ice Cream is creamy for all seasons.
  • Reinforcement under the pan - makes in bending proof.

Technical Details
Consumption of electricity 600 W.
Electrical Installation 220 V, Monophase.
Compressor Emerson Brand - Reciprocating Compressor
Refrigerant R134a (for controlled ambient temperature like mall etc.)
R404a (for standalone outlets or cart type designs)
Build Quality
Material AISI 304 SS
Pan Size and Thickness 46 or 60cm diameter and 3mm thickness
Temperature (-)20 ~ (-)25 Degree Celcius
Serving Time ~1.5 to 2mins

Various Models and Design Available

Single Pan

Model No. PFIC1

Single Pan - Base Model
Single Pan with Containers

Model No. PFIC12

Single Pan with 9nos Refrigerated GN 1/9 Pans and Storage Space

Double Pan

Model No. PFIC21

Double Pan with 9nos Refrigerated GN 1/9 Pans, and Storage (Non-Ref) Space below
Ice Cream Truck

Model No. PFIC3 - Cart

Various Custom Cart Designs available
Ice Cream Truck

Model No. PFIC3 - Cart_Mini

Various Custom Cart Designs available