Bain Marie

A commercial bain-marie or double-boiler is used in professional and institutional kitchens for food warming, temperature maintenance or preparation without burning (e.g., chocolate or cheesecake). It may employ dry or wet heat, or be used to keep food cool. The most typical bain-marie consists of food containers placed inside a larger vessel filled with liquid (often water). The temperature is limited to the boiling point of the liquid.


Such cookware is found in school and hospital canteens, in professional kitchens, cafes or even catering establishments to keep food hot for long periods of time. It may be fixed or mobile, run on electricity or gas, and often includes multiple serving vessels to separate different dishes.

How to Choose

Consider the capacity and number of pans required for the intended use. Choice of heat source, temperature control parameters and additional features, such as a serving counter and screen, are also important. Automatic versus manual filling and emptying, ease of operation and maintenance, energy efficiency and portability also should be taken into account.

GN Pans Bain Marie Layout

Various models available in the range are listed below.

Table Top Bain Marie

Table Top Model

Standalone Model Bain Marie

Standalone Model

Salad Bar

Self Service Counter

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