The ice-cream/frozen dessert category has witnessed substantial growth in the recent past. Up to a decade ago, the category was largely limited to ice-creams with traditional flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, along with some variants like kesar pista, mango, elaichi, traditional kulfi , etc. During the past decade, the category has grown with an array of innovations in ice-creams - now the main subcategory - and new subcategories like frozen yoghurt are coming up.

Indulgent Category
Ice-cream, which was considered an indulgent category in the past, has now evolved to a stage where it is largely and happily perceived as a snacking option by consumers. This change in perception has come about thanks to increasing disposable incomes and greater discretionary spending.

Today, the plain, good old ice cream is being consumed alongside boutique offerings such as gelatos. Consumers are willing to experiment with unusual flavours and combinations. These quality conscious consumers also want smoother, creamier products.

Keeping in mind the chaning demands of the country, we are pleased to share with you our range of ice cream machines. These machines are designed to keep the need for innovation in the ever-growing market of ice creams in India.


Topping station

Topping Station

Fudge Warmer

Fudge Warmer

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